Itzhaki BaMoshava, Be’er Ya’akov- Stage II- Marketing and Implementation

As part of the planning and construction of the Tzamarot HaMoshava neighborhood in Be’er Ya’akov, the Itzhaki group built the “Itzhaki BaMoshava” project, which included the construction of three residential buildings and the commercial center, the Tzamarot HaMoshava Center.

Due to the project’s success, the Itzhaki Group in collaboration with the Itzhaki Investment Group, began planning and marketing of the next phase, Stage II.

These buildings are the latest buildings in the new and modern neighborhood designed in Be’er Ya’akov, among other places, located on the Itzhaki family orchard grounds.

At the end of 2019, work began on the construction of an 18-story residential tower with 68 residential units on lot 169, which is stage two – “Itzhaki BaMoshava Tower of the Park”. The building will be built with 3 high-speed lifts, a residents club, a main lobby and a high-rise design with a high-quality finish and standards.

The apartments are large and spacious, unique and high quality – with sun terraces of various sizes and some with a garden terrace. Each apartment has an attached storage room and private parking.

The building is in a new neighborhood that includes a wide range of services for residents – proximity to a commercial center, community services and public parks existent and soon to be built, proximity to major transport routes, entry and exit to the interchange connecting Be’er Ya’akov to Highway 431 and access to Roads 4 and 6 – a truly winning location!

You can choose 4 and 5 room apartments, mini penthouses and penthouses – with rich and upgraded specifications!

Expected date of population: End of 2021

Construction is underway!

For more information: Sales Office *3032