Company Management

The late Mr. Daniel Itzhaki 1934-2018


The founder of the group and a multi-contractor who served as chairman and director until his death on 1/4/2018
Building contractor from the 1970s, with classification G-5
Executive member of the Rishon LeZion Contractors Association

Inge Mishael Itzhaki

Chairman and CEO


A graduate of Appraisal Studies in Tel Aviv University
Technion Graduate Civil Engineering (B. Sc.)
Real estate appraiser

Roy Sahar

VP of Assets



(L.L.B.) Lawyer
(M.A.) Certified in real estate
(M.B.A.) Certified in Business Administration

Guy Gav




Executive Vice President and Chief Engineer

(B. Sc.) Civil Engineer

(M.B.A.) Certified Business Manager

Avishai Magal

VP of Planning and Engineering


Building Engineer

Specialization in statutory, promotion and project management

Lilac Afriat, CPA

Company accountan



The company accountant
(B.A.) Accounting and Economics

Attorney Orit Hirschbrand

Group Legal Advisor


(L.L.B.) Lawyer

About the Company

Itzhaki group is one of the largest and oldest private real estate groups in Israel.

The group has extensive experience in all areas of real estate – from ventures, residential construction, commercial property construction, public buildings, logistics and office buildings to marketing and sale of buildings, property rentals and management throughout the country and around the world.

The uncompromising quality and professionalism alongside personal and direct contact with the group’s clients have earned the great a reputation as a high quality and reliable company during its operational years.

In addition to its extensive real estate activities, the company operates in other areas, including grain storage, tree storage and more.


About the late Daniel Itzhaki

Daniel Itzhaki was born in Be’er Ya’akov in 1934. He was the great-grandson of Rabbi Yaakov Izhaki who founded the Yishuv in 1907 and Be’er Ya’akov is named after him.

Daniel Itzhaki started his career in managing the citrus orchards of the family, which spread over hundreds of dunams in Rehovot, Be’er Ya’akov, Rishon LeZion and other settlements throughout the country.

In the 70s, he became an independent contractor, having worked for many years with his brother and father, who was a building contractor.

In the 1980s, Daniel left to peruse his independent journey and founded the Itzhaki Group. The first building, where Itzhaki Group’s offices are located to this today, was built by Daniel Itzhaki in 1980 in the old industrial area of the Rishon LeZion “Beit Daniel”.

Since then, Itzhaki has built thousands of housing units, land-linked neighborhoods, high-rise buildings, nursing homes, commercial centers, including the first mall in Be’er Yaa’kov, industrial buildings, logistics centers and more.

Three words have guided Daniel Itzhaki throughout his years as a contractor: intuition, courage and determination. These are the words that led him to receive a seal of approval for the 2012 “multi-contractor letter” certificate.

The late Daniel Itzhaki was a member of the contractor’s organization in Roshon LeZion for many years.

Daniel Itzhaki passed away in April 2018 at the age of 84 and his son continues to lead the team.