Rehovot Elite – Marketing and Implementation

The Itzhaki Group is building the Rehovot Elite neighborhood near the Sheshet HaYamim and Pinat Dereh HaYam junction and this is your opportunity to join the new neighborhood.

Buildings 203 and 204 – expected to populate by summer 2020!

Buildings 201 and 202 – expected to populate by end of 2021!

Buildings 206 and 207 – expected to populate during 2022!

Building 205 – Apartments for rent – end of 2021!

A selection of 4, 5 and 6 room apartments, mini penthouses and spectacular penthouses!!

Five 24-storey towers, two 14-storey towers and an additional residential building incorporating commercial space, offices and clinics.

The project will be constructed in half-circle shape, alongside a large park of approximately 12,500 square meters in area, which will include a neighborhood center, commercial areas, clinics and offices for the neighborhood’s needs.

Elite Rehovot neighborhood is planned in a central location and enjoys maximum accessibility to major roads: fast connection to Highway 411, Highway 42 and future connection to Highway 431, maximum access to the city center in the direction of Rishon LeZion and Tel Aviv, close proximity to the city’s railway station currently in the planning and public transportation, and access to the Derech HaYam leading to the city center. and recreation, cultural and leisure centers.

Flexible entry dates – Construction is underway!

For more information: Phone *8550 – Email

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