Shopping Center “Tzamarot Hamoshava” in Be’er Ya’akov

Shopping Center “Tzamarot Hamoshava” in Be’er Ya’akov


The Itzhaki Group established the commercial center – Tzamarot HaMoshava in the Tzamarot HaMoshava neighborhood, the new neighborhood in western Be’er Ya’akov

The center serves the residents of the new neighborhood, which includes about 4,000 members of nursing homes, as well as residents of Be’er Ya’akov and the surrounding area.

The center ground commerce floor covers about 1,250 SQM, a sitting yard and a playground for the leisure of the visitors, including an 800 sqm basement, storage space and an additional 120 SQM of ground floor space + large balcony, approx. 300 SQM

The shops that are rented in the Tzamarot HaMoshave center meet the needs of the developing neighborhood, including food stores, cafes, pizzeria, ice cream, leisure and service stores, beauty salon, neighborhood grocery store, bakery and more

Only one store is available.


For details: 03-9643028

Idan 053-2252102