Commerce – Malibu Center Ness Ziona

Malibu Center Boutique Center – Ness Ziona


The Itzhaki Group established a high-quality, well-designed boutique center in the heart of the Malibu Center neighborhood adjacent to the Argaman neighborhood of West Ness Ziona

The two-level Malibu Center includes 2,000 SQM of retail space and 2,000 SQM of underground parking. The ground floor level includes food business such as impressive vegetable and fruit shop, neighborhood super, quality bakery, a Japanese restaurant and more

The upper floor level includes a gym, beauty salon, doctors house and more. The commercial center is designed with impressive architectural design, convenient, open and accessible, located adjacent to the new country club and will include environmental development of its neighboring garden which will serve as a unique attraction and recreation center for the city residents

Last remaining spaces of various sizes for rent on the ground floor for butchers, ice cream shops, cafes, fish shops or other food businesses, as well as upstairs areas for community services (kindergartens, clinics, toy stores and more).

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